• Client: Holroyd Council
  • Location: Merrylands
  • Services:
    • Building Height Review
    • Planning Proposal
    • Development Control Plan
    • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Status:

Following the introduction of Holroyd Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013, Council became increasingly aware of the need to review building height controls in the Merrylands Centre to provide greater flexibility in delivering the floor space potential permissible under Holroyd LEP 2013.

Following an independent review of building heights in October 2015, a Planning Proposal was prepared to increase heights from 65m up to 105m and densities up to 9:1 in the core of the Centre.

Tasks also included creating:

  • improved urban design and amenity of the City Square;
  • taller signature buildings near Merrylands Station and adjacent to the new City Square;
  • design excellence provisions for the achievement of maximum floor space and flexibility in height; and
  • new laneways for better traffic circulation around the Centre.

A new Development Control Plan and Urban Design Guidelines were also prepared to support the Planning Proposal.

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